Three months, no venue, no date: no problem.

Quick update. Super-quick. because if I weren’t me, and I were reading me, I’d be in the “shut up about the wedding stuff” camp. But maybe some people’s little “please! no more book… Continue reading

Cleaning up the news feed: making Facebook work for ME.

First off, I’ll remind us that I spend All Day On The Internet. All caps. It’s a “short attention span for real work” sort of thing, coupled with a genuine Love and Affection… Continue reading

Love it. It’s like an "early aughts" match made in heaven…..

I love that this Avril/Nickleback “surprise!” came out of nowhere, and none of us stateside had ANY idea these two sorta-has-beens were even a thing…. I love that they’re a thing.*  I love… Continue reading

Can we boycott this stupid movie? Please???????

I wanted to get excited for this movie. I mean — Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Judd Apatow…….we’re conditioned to laugh before the trailer even BEGINS, right? It has all the ingredients for Grown-Up… Continue reading

My face is channeling Demi Lovato. I didn’t give it permission to do that.

There’s a big difference between this: Exhibit A: Victoria Justice And this: Exhibit B: Demi Lovato I was aiming for looking like option A, today. Instead, I feel like I’m channeling option B.… Continue reading

Champagne and picture-hanging.

Wanna know the super-secret key to successful interior decorating? Champagne. At midnight. Okay, prosecco, but Let’s Not Be Annoying. Bubbly. Champers. Sparkling wine. Critical to the success of midnight picture-hanging. Less critical to… Continue reading

"Skyfall" trailer – yippee!

Color me giddy: it’s the new James Bond trailer – !!! And not a wimpy little teaser, either: we get a full-length, 2.5-minute long “wheeeeeeee!” -fest peppered with plenty of Daniel Craig’s smug,… Continue reading

Deconstructing pop lyrics: sorry, now it’s stuck in your head

New recurring topic! I’m gonna take chart-topping pop songs we all hate and deconstruct the lyrics. Because, for as much as I avoid all commercial radio, there are certain songs that it’s impossible… Continue reading

I shouldn’t care. BUT……..if two hipster vamps can’t make it last, WHAT HOPE REMAINS?!?!?!

So. Turns out it’s true. This is one of those gossip stories that has me inexplicably BUMMED, dude. Bummed. Usually, I couldn’t give two pop tarts whether or not some famous person cheated… Continue reading

I wish I’d grown up with Caroline Heldman’s list on my bathroom mirror.

(this film should should be a standard part of every middle school’s curriculum, period) So, these days, I have two sort of “pet obsessions” that I probably don’t yak about nearly enough. First… Continue reading