Can we boycott this stupid movie? Please???????

I wanted to get excited for this movie. I mean — Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Judd Apatow…….we’re conditioned to laugh before the trailer even BEGINS, right? It has all the ingredients for Grown-Up… Continue reading

My face is channeling Demi Lovato. I didn’t give it permission to do that.

There’s a big difference between this: Exhibit A: Victoria Justice And this: Exhibit B: Demi Lovato I was aiming for looking like option A, today. Instead, I feel like I’m channeling option B.… Continue reading

Champagne and picture-hanging.

Wanna know the super-secret key to successful interior decorating? Champagne. At midnight. Okay, prosecco, but Let’s Not Be Annoying. Bubbly. Champers. Sparkling wine. Critical to the success of midnight picture-hanging. Less critical to… Continue reading

"Skyfall" trailer – yippee!

Color me giddy: it’s the new James Bond trailer – !!! And not a wimpy little teaser, either: we get a full-length, 2.5-minute long “wheeeeeeee!” -fest peppered with plenty of Daniel Craig’s smug,… Continue reading

Deconstructing pop lyrics: sorry, now it’s stuck in your head

New recurring topic! I’m gonna take chart-topping pop songs we all hate and deconstruct the lyrics. Because, for as much as I avoid all commercial radio, there are certain songs that it’s impossible… Continue reading

I shouldn’t care. BUT……..if two hipster vamps can’t make it last, WHAT HOPE REMAINS?!?!?!

So. Turns out it’s true. This is one of those gossip stories that has me inexplicably BUMMED, dude. Bummed. Usually, I couldn’t give two pop tarts whether or not some famous person cheated… Continue reading

I wish I’d grown up with Caroline Heldman’s list on my bathroom mirror.

(this film should should be a standard part of every middle school’s curriculum, period) So, these days, I have two sort of “pet obsessions” that I probably don’t yak about nearly enough. First… Continue reading

Watch "Kate" split. Watch "Kate" win the media game.

I’m calling this “Katie/Before” But I’ll get to that in a minute. Late-breaking news from the Pinterest Realm (which I only begrudgingly even bother with, because I’m tired of the universe posting “3… Continue reading

Who knew: choosing a wedding dress is a psychological hurdle….?

Have discovered recently that when I’m feeling strongly about ANYTHING (from a house purchase to a book I just read), it helps to write about it. Forcing myself to get linear about what… Continue reading

Sack ‘em all — bring in Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton

Tough couple of days for Ann Curry. Your job’s up for grabs, the webernets are all atwitter over the (yet unconfirmed) idea that you’ve been FIRED, there’s rampant speculation about who ought to… Continue reading