“…That time I walked out of Target without spending a penny.”

You know how it goes. You make a “quick stop” at Target on your way home from work. You need laundry soap, toilet paper, tampons. For instance. But darn if they don’t know… Continue reading

I’m an introvert, not a freak of nature.

Things don’t really change much from the days of recess and school lunches, not really. Sure, we may work in offices or have kids or fall generally under that “Grown-up” umbrella, but when… Continue reading

The Greatest Event in Television History (no: SERIOUSLY).

Preface: If you have a proper sense of humor, this will be one of the funniest things you’ve seen this year. Also: it’s Friday, so lower your expectations, and giggle your pants off… Continue reading

Pinterest: I quit.

This started out as a Facebook status update (that I had the good sense not to post): “Dude, I don’t know what caused my adversarial relationship with Pinterest, BUT: all of the “engagement… Continue reading

Lauren Conrad, in defense of………

I don’t know a whole lot of ‘netphiles who would cite the Newsweek conglomerate (which counts The Daily Beast as part of its brand) as necessarily having its finger on the pulse of… Continue reading

“Warrior.” Have some pecs with your hyperbole.

I watched this movie last night. Mr Wonderful’s out of town, so my solo evening was spent on the couch with a beer, a jar of pickles, and a Mixed Martial Arts movie.… Continue reading

Junk in my purse. Not kidding.

  Maybe if YOU left your house at 6am every day, you’d start hauling around your entire bathroom in your purse, too? It’s like I have this Murphy’s Law Purse Phobia thing happening.… Continue reading

Transition in progress…….(face lift not entirely complete, but the swelling is down a bit)

It’s not done yet, BUT: in the spirit of optimizing myself for search engines AND in the spirit of taking the blog more seriously as a PRODUCT in the MARKETPLACE into which I… Continue reading

So Blake and Ryan got married. Sort of, a little bit, totally surprised?

So, on this lovely Monday morning following a busy weekend, a raging middle-of-the-night rain storm, a power outage, and completely over-sleeping after power-outage alarm didn’t sound, I’m starting the week thinking, “Wow. I… Continue reading

Word. Encouragement for us non-degree-holding smarty pants types.

So, this kid here never finished college. Er, hasn’t finished yet (and isn’t presently enrolled). I still have pie-in-the-sky ivy league, post-grad visions of grandeur. I’m a smart enough kiddo who loves the… Continue reading