Getting to know my latent inner control freak.

“Hey Heather, are you a control freak?” “Nope.” “So — if I asked you to try something new……something you’d never done before, something outside your comfort zone, you’d be totally chill about it?”… Continue reading

Calm down — he wasn’t that bad.

First of all, if you agree to host the Oscars, you’re agreeing to a solid 72 hours of post-Oscar Web-Hate, no matter which direction you choose to take your jokes, the show, the… Continue reading

What I want to be when I grow up.

It’s funny, for all of my whining about my job (and being beholden to its reasonable salary), there are still plenty of people who ask me what I’d rather be doing — presumably… Continue reading

Let’s talk about “Girls.” The one with Patrick Wilson.

My brain still works in “5-paragraph essay” form more than I like to admit. I’ll be in the shower, for instance, thinking about something “important”  — in this case, thinking about Lena Dunham’s… Continue reading

Nothing says uncomfortable like an “I love you” from a client.

Great moment at The Desk Job recently with a Lady-Client (sorry, bit of mis-direction in the title….this is less romantic than that………..): Helped the nice lady through a problem. It was early enough… Continue reading

The horror of watching Open Mic Night at a local comedy club:

Sigh. That’s pretty much my attitude after listening to 2 hours of local, aspiring (sometimes first-timer) stand-up last night at a local (suburban) comedy club. Sure, there were a few laughs. There were… Continue reading

Back soon…..!

  I know, been a little quiet around here lately. Got hitched, took a trip, came back to my busiest time of year at work. Also: It’s the advent of my (apparently) biannual… Continue reading

Ke$ha stuff. Just because.

Here’s a quick little spot that Ke$ha (I HATE TYPING THAT SYMBOL) did for Contact Music: Kesha wants to change sexism in pop Kesha has revealed one of the main motivations in her… Continue reading

My only moment of non-Zen, completely Bridezilla behavior.

I was torn: do I weigh in on PetraeusGate and our American Fixation on Sex Scandals, or do I whine about Rude Makeup Counter Girls? The General will have to wait a day… Continue reading

I didn’t want to love “Hart of Dixie.” But that’s like trying not to love kittens or wine or elementary school kids doing choreography

I miss “The OC” more than I should admit. I loved that show. Loved it. I  could probably watch the entire series once a year and never get tired of the gross overuse… Continue reading