a letter to my unemployed self…

Dear Heather, This all feels so strange, doesn’t it? Surreal. Difficult to grasp. A shock, like a death in the family. After all of those years essentially…growing up under that roof…you sat in… Continue reading

Can someone please give the campaigns a thesaurus?

Here are a handful of useful, pleasant alternatives to the over-used word “maverick” (which, thankfully, can only really continue to bombard us for the next 25 days or so): DissenterNonconformistStrayIndividualistRebelOutsiderEccentricRadicalRebelIrregularUnorthodoxLone wolfIndependentMutineerOff-beatStrayUnbrandedUncontainedAtypical

Who’s next for Natalie?

Just read that Natalie Portman and her current (scary) manfriend Devendra Banhart split up…so I thought that I’d do a little celebrity match-making and come up with Natalie’s next man. She’s a tough… Continue reading

To begin with: the name "RODANTHE" is icky.

So, my sister and I get a great kick out of going to a theatre to see a movie we know we’ll hate, then heckling our way through it, Mystery Science Theater-style. We’re… Continue reading

So this is what they REALLY think of the voters…

So, the 2004 Governor’s race in the State of Washington was one of closest, most hotly contested in the history of….oh, politics. Ever. Came down to recount after recount, a lawsuit or twelve,… Continue reading

People (and research institutes) having worse Mondays than I…

Time for another round of my favorite game, a good opportunity for me to realize that my day isn’t so bad – I could be any of these people (or research institutes) –… Continue reading

How quickly we turn on ourselves…

It’s OK to aspire to the highest office in the land…as long as your children are grown and out of the house and your child-rearing days are behind you. It’s OK to balance… Continue reading

Someone needs to take Carrie’s cell phone away.

I don’t care how similarly-shaped their chins are – Carrie Underwood is Barbie-Perfect and Barbies should know better. Barbies don’t date inarticulate super-human neo-celebs with perpetually pruned fingers and toes and lunatic mommies…I… Continue reading

A word to the silver medalists..

I’m no athlete (let alone an Olympian) so on one hand I’m about the last person qualified to make this particular argument. On the other hand, I’m an American who loves to see… Continue reading

People having a worse Friday than I: August edition

Here’s another dose of perspective for me…I know that on any given day there are people having a harder time of it than I: Heidi Dalibor, aka: The Library Lady This sweet young… Continue reading