Secret Girl Behavior.

Publicly, I have a sort of wry nostalgia for “Sex and the City.” The sort of nostalgia that still won’t allow me to have a conversation about the show without qualifying it with… Continue reading

The Worst Movie You’ll Ever See – !!

  For most of my adolescence, I regarded the 1994 movie “Airheads” as the Worst Film Ever. I suspect that was mostly because my conservative little family was absolutely not that movie’s target… Continue reading

Julianne and January — smarts.

I’m calling it Smart Lady Thursday. I always dig Julianne Moore, BUT, believe me when I say: I did not expect to be so pleasantly surprised by January Jones’ interview with The Edit.  Actually… Continue reading

Let’s eliminate “Fat talk” as a social bonding tool for women.

I read THIS  on the health and wellness section of the New York Times today — it’s a quick little piece titled ” Fat Talk Compels, but Carries a Cost,” that glances (albeit… Continue reading

Myths about introverts, Part 1: We don’t want to be invited.

Decided I’d start a new occasional series. I’m a proud introvert, and I love speaking and writing about introversion. If I had the resources and people connections I’d love to start a traveling… Continue reading

Pretty things! Part 2.

Here’s the second installment of my “Pretty things!” list — see Part 1 here. I figured most people weren’t up for reading 30-some odd pages of material between their “real work,” so I… Continue reading

Pretty things! Part 1.

So, I have That Beauty Blog (that I never update anymore). But: I have a loathe/hate relationship with Tumblr’s “mobile-friendly” interface, they charge too much for most of their “themes,” I ended up… Continue reading

Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned From Watching “24.”

I love learning. I learned all sorts of things when I watched the “Twilight” series. I learned even more things when I watched “The Hills.”  Actually — click those links — school yourself in… Continue reading

Faith and Feminism.

Today’s foray into “stuff that burns up my keyboard” is inspired less by the content of an article I came across on a faith-based blog, and more by the enourmous response in the… Continue reading

Lots of thoughts, lots of thoughts.

There’s quite an internal tug-o-war that happens when I fire up a “new post” and try to decide whether or not it’s going to be something lightweight (let’s make fun of a celebrity!)… Continue reading