Let’s eliminate “Fat talk” as a social bonding tool for women.

I read THIS  on the health and wellness section of the New York Times today — it’s a quick little piece titled ” Fat Talk Compels, but Carries a Cost,” that glances (albeit… Continue reading

Myths about introverts, Part 1: We don’t want to be invited.

Decided I’d start a new occasional series. I’m a proud introvert, and I love speaking and writing about introversion. If I had the resources and people connections I’d love to start a traveling… Continue reading

Pretty things! Part 2.

Here’s the second installment of my “Pretty things!” list — see Part 1 here. I figured most people weren’t up for reading 30-some odd pages of material between their “real work,” so I… Continue reading

Pretty things! Part 1.

So, I have That Beauty Blog (that I never update anymore). But: I have a loathe/hate relationship with Tumblr’s “mobile-friendly” interface, they charge too much for most of their “themes,” I ended up… Continue reading

Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned From Watching “24.”

I love learning. I learned all sorts of things when I watched the “Twilight” series. I learned even more things when I watched “The Hills.”  Actually — click those links — school yourself in… Continue reading

Faith and Feminism.

Today’s foray into “stuff that burns up my keyboard” is inspired less by the content of an article I came across on a faith-based blog, and more by the enourmous response in the… Continue reading

Lots of thoughts, lots of thoughts.

There’s quite an internal tug-o-war that happens when I fire up a “new post” and try to decide whether or not it’s going to be something lightweight (let’s make fun of a celebrity!)… Continue reading

Getting to know my latent inner control freak.

“Hey Heather, are you a control freak?” “Nope.” “So — if I asked you to try something new……something you’d never done before, something outside your comfort zone, you’d be totally chill about it?”… Continue reading

Calm down — he wasn’t that bad.

First of all, if you agree to host the Oscars, you’re agreeing to a solid 72 hours of post-Oscar Web-Hate, no matter which direction you choose to take your jokes, the show, the… Continue reading

What I want to be when I grow up.

It’s funny, for all of my whining about my job (and being beholden to its reasonable salary), there are still plenty of people who ask me what I’d rather be doing — presumably… Continue reading