Transition in progress…….(face lift not entirely complete, but the swelling is down a bit)


It’s not done yet, BUT: in the spirit of optimizing myself for search engines AND in the spirit of taking the blog more seriously as a PRODUCT in the MARKETPLACE into which I want to become more relevant, we’re bumping some of the “behind the scenes” crud up a notch. Giving myself a crash course in marketing. Taking a deep breath and refocusing the visual aspect of the bubbly. 

Commenting should be MUCH easier now (fingers crossed……my foray from Blogger comments into the Disqus realm didn’t work). Took a leap of faith and left good ol’ blogger. Scooting over to WordPress for the first time. All of this is back-end stuff that doesn’t make a difference in terms of READING, but, hey: it’s an explanation for why we’re now in more of a “click-what-you-like” format and less of a scroll…..and scroll……and scroll……..format. 


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