So Blake and Ryan got married. Sort of, a little bit, totally surprised?

So, on this lovely Monday morning following a busy weekend, a raging middle-of-the-night rain storm, a power outage, and completely over-sleeping after power-outage alarm didn’t sound, I’m starting the week thinking, “Wow. I could really use a weekend right now.”

And then — THEN — I discovered that my last two cans of Diet Dr Pepper (upon which I survive during the workdays) had been NABBED by some office nitwit, which meant I had to go purse-diving for some pocket change to feed into the office soda machine for something Decidedly Less Tasty (and more Coke Zero-ee) than my beloved DDP.

To make matters more Monday-like, I:

1 — Paid for my Vending-Coke
2 — Grabbed my change and realized that someone else had left several quarters behind in the change tray, as well.
3 — Remembered that the person who had used the vending machine before me was an UBER-SPOOKY individual from “the department upstairs” whom several of have decided is CERTAINLY a serial killer.
4 — Opted to leave those bonus quarters behind, fearing the Uber-Spook would realize he’d left his quarters, return to retrieve them, find them missing, REMEMBER who was in line behind him at the soda machine –
5 — Hunt me down
6 — Kill me.

So, there’s that.

All in a Monday morning.

The good news, however: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds conformed to my theory that like faces marry like faces by running off to the hills of South Carolina and getting hitched on some Romantic Plantation that was used in “The Notebook.”

While it’s not surprising that they decided to swap vows, it IS surprising how….surprisingly they played the event. No big media roll-out of their engagement, no sale of “We’re So In Love!” photos to US Weekly, no “Covert meetings with famous wedding gown designers in a lead-up to the big, cover-winning reveal.” None of it.

They played it RESPECTABLY. They actually managed to do it in a way that suggests they have respect for the vows, The Institution, each others’ families, all that jazz.

Much like my delight when Katie Holmes sprung herself from the clutches of Cruise, this one caught me pleasantly off guard.

Also: while I’ll admit their respective public personas leave me a little uninspired, their private lives continue to be their PRIVATE lives, and that’s true of SO FEW celebrities these days, I can’t hate on them much. Neither are spied out partying, neither are known for getting unruly in the VIP rooms, they’re apparently both down to stay at home in the burbs with their dogs and their baked goods and their weekend visits to the parents — they’re almost like: *gasp* — NORMAL PEOPLE.

They’re both sort of mediocre actors with generally pretty faces and bodies. They have matching chins, lips, and jaws. Toothy smiles. Both love jaunty hats.

I’m going to declare this a “marriage likely to last a decade.” I think there will be strong-chinned, toothy babies with fantastic Baby-Style. I pray they continue to be as low-key as they’ve been for the better part of the last year that they’ve been dating.

I wish ‘em luck.

I like their Game.

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