Three months, no venue, no date: no problem.

Quick update.

Super-quick. because if I weren’t me, and I were reading me, I’d be in the “shut up about the wedding stuff” camp. But maybe some people’s little “please! no more book reviews!” radars actually perk up for wedding stuff. I know there are zillions of blogs out there frequented by zillions of daydreaming chick-like people who love nothing better than to stare at pictures of other people’s table centerpieces and silverware and aisle-runners, so:

Wedding stuff.

Theoretically, we’re planning to tie the knot on December 1st. Theoretically, because, with 94 days till W-day, we have:

No firm, official date, stemming from the fact that we have:

No venue.


No guest list.

No invitations.

No caterer.

No “wedding website” (BUT! I did actually splat down money for a “normal” domain rather than a, so once I find a template, I can get up and rolling. Because that’s cute and easy to remember, right?

So, apparently it’s hard to find an indoor venue for about 120+ people in high Company Holiday Party season with only 3 months notice. APPARENTLY, it’s sort of like a reality TV show to see who can find and secure a venue before the Local Electrical Company locks that action down with a nice, plump, company check. Gladiator Weddings.

We DID toss around the idea of a quick, small, intimate, “legal wedding” to sign the papers and git ‘er done….there are MANY reasons this would be practical, logical, money-saving, stress-reducing, fill in the blank. We’d treat the immediate family (and a lucky friend or two) to a nice dinner at a small, intimate, local winery, I’d put on the dress and the fancy shoes, he’d wear a suit……..then we’d wait until spring when we could save some money, and drag it all out all over again. For the sake of the crowd. Put on the dress, force some friends to get dressed up, arrange the cake and caterers and music and photographer….and: fake it, sort of.

But (unless I’m keeping a super-special secret and we’re already married……..), we’re opting not to go that route.

We’d rather rush, hustle, cut some corners, and throw elbows at Local Electrical Company in our bid to lock down some yet-un-chosen venue, throw out the party platters of pasta and Caesar salad, hit up Costco for the most decent bubbly we can buy in bulk for $7 a bottle (heh, heh, heh), and pay for a keg. We’ll force brothers and sisters into tuxes and bridesmaid dresses, we’ll debate the merits of Cee-Lo versus Band of Horses for a processional (or Abba. Don’t discount our willingness to go off the reservation and play Abba as I drag that train down the aisle), we’ll have awkward toasts and awkward dancing to Ke$ha (YES.) and old Usher (YES.) and, oh, Amy Grant (double YES.) and then force everyone out the door by 11pm so that we don’t get charged for extra hours at Holiday Party Central. That’s what we’d rather do.

So — that’s where it’s at.

We’re just not there yet.

And, I know, that wasn’t super-quick.

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