Love it. It’s like an "early aughts" match made in heaven…..

I love that this Avril/Nickleback “surprise!” came out of nowhere, and none of us stateside had ANY idea these two sorta-has-beens were even a thing….

I love that they’re a thing.* 
I love that they both think they’re tough, hardcore stuff, and then they pose for People with an awesome “church-directory circa 1987″ photo that slaps ‘em both with a dose of The Proms. 
Aren’t they pretty much just a match made in dirty Converse-wearing heaven? If that Zumiez store still exists, I’m pretty sure these guys should be their new Spokescouple. 
Aside from the fact that the Most Annoying Recording Artist of All Time bought his Sk8R Gurrrrl a pretty righteous ring, we have an equally Girl Scout proposal, if the tabs are to be believed. Lainey Gossip reports that: 

according toHELLO! Canada Avril was scrapbooking when Chad proposed. He slipped an extra page in there that read “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. Go ahead and process that. It’s amazing.

Yep. Amazing. 
Here’s the thing: I’m totally fascinated by Avril’s choices for Man Friends. Here’s a quick photo tour:
The ex-husband, Deryck Whibley (they got hitched in 2006, divorced 3 years later). 
“Oil” heir Brandon Davis. She slummed it (SERIOUSLY) with him in 2009, post-split. 
 Brody Jenner (yes, of “The Hills” and “Kardashian” fame). They were together from some point in 2010 until this January. 

 The Kroeger. That’s “KREW-Gur” to those of us who aren’t…um….Canadian?
Okay, girlfriend doesn’t have a type. AND, if we use my theory that we’re attracted to people that look like us, she has no concept of the proportion of her own features. But she likes a strong chin.
Anyway — lil Av’ went from rock dude, to drunken, oily heir (seriously — just try to find a picture of that guy where he’s not looking sweaty and greased), to reality star frat boy, to……Her Perfect Match. 
I’m sold — they’re perfect for each other. They both think they’re more hardcore than the rest of us think they are. People make fun of both of their careers like it was Olympic sport. They’re like twin punchlines. Happily Ever After Punchlines. Who’s faces from the nose down are strikingly similar. Which is how we know they’ll make it last. 
“He makes me laugh every day. He takes care of me in every way and is extremely attentive.”

And Chad says:

“I knew I was falling for her. It was incredibly powerful and something I’ll never forget. I feel like the luckiest person alive.”

I love this. Make way for babies with dip-dyed hair and shredded jeans. Just wait for it.

*Oh, and in the spirit of full-disclosure: I dig Avril. She’s cute. Her music is contagious. Her shoes are consistently horrible. There. We got that over with. 

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