My face is channeling Demi Lovato. I didn’t give it permission to do that.

There’s a big difference between this:

Exhibit A: Victoria Justice
And this:
Exhibit B: Demi Lovato

I was aiming for looking like option A, today.

Instead, I feel like I’m channeling option B.

And THAT (minus the Star Trek hair), is not quite how I’d wanted the face to end up looking today.

I think it’s mostly the eyebrows. I totally ended up with RoboBrows today.

Not that Demi isn’t a lovely girl — she is. But, um, spider lashes and glass-cutting eyebrows aren’t quite “sunny Friday at the office”-congruent.

But — we can’t all be Victoria Justice.

So, my eyebrows and I will power through the day with an inadvertently smug expression that has nothing to do with my attitude and everything to do with that damn waterproof pencil……

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