I watched “Money Talks.” Now I need to steam clean my brain.

Dudes, I sorta feel like I’m never going to be clean again. I watched “Money Talks” last night and now I’ve got residual douche vibes all up in my everywhere — mostly in… Continue reading

MBTI time.

Because it’s all about me here: I’m not sure what it is about my “personality type” that loves taking personality tests, but I flippin’ love ‘em. Never met a “tell-me-about-myself” quiz I didn’t… Continue reading

“The English Teacher.” Brilliantly off-kilter, or really, really…..lame?

When you’re ALLLLLLL caught up with your Netflix TV binge-watching and lamenting the empty feeling rather like your fake TV character friends have all gone back home and left you in your quiet… Continue reading

Celebrity dream log: playing in my own alternate ending to “Homeland.”

My repertoire of ooky awesome celebrity dreams goes back almost 20 years. I was just a grade school kid when I dreamed my parents sold me to Nick Nolte (“he’ll be able to… Continue reading

Is “love your body” messaging actually reinforcing objectification culture?

I’m about to be a complete Friday morning Body Love Buzz Kill (but I promise, it’s actually in the name of advancing gender equity- !!!) I know, it’s not as warm n’ fuzzy-feelin’… Continue reading

(I listened to Miley’s “Bangerz” and my ears didn’t even bleed)

One sentence review: an alien harvested Rihanna’s and Nicki Minaj’s genes and created a hybrid alien-pop-monster. Really, that’s all you need to know. Her producers also kidnapped Britney, Nelly, Ludacris, Future, and Big… Continue reading

Back! Because, you know: MILEY.

There are so many directions I could take This.  Actually, the entire internet is discovering there are so many directions to take This (“This,” being Miley’s 2013 VMA performance), but after half of… Continue reading

Secret Girl Behavior.

Publicly, I have a sort of wry nostalgia for “Sex and the City.” The sort of nostalgia that still won’t allow me to have a conversation about the show without qualifying it with… Continue reading

The Worst Movie You’ll Ever See – !!

  For most of my adolescence, I regarded the 1994 movie “Airheads” as the Worst Film Ever. I suspect that was mostly because my conservative little family was absolutely not that movie’s target… Continue reading

Julianne and January — smarts.

I’m calling it Smart Lady Thursday. I always dig Julianne Moore, BUT, believe me when I say: I did not expect to be so pleasantly surprised by January Jones’ interview with The Edit.  Actually… Continue reading