What I’m listening to (lately).

    I don’t know what cosmic rule about birth order dictates that first born kids will pretty much never be cool like their younger brothers and sisters, but: it’s true, and—-that’s me.… Continue reading

I missed some chapters of “How To Be A Grown-Up.”

  I stood in front of a waist-high stack of clothing in my closet this morning — an enormous mountain on the floor that I couldn’t be bothered to hang up, fold, put away. The pile… Continue reading

Pour yourself a drink and settle in for a long one. Here’s my career….in paragraph form.

I remember the day it dawned on me that I’d let my eight year-old self down. I was doing a crummy job working as a receptionist for a company that paid me a… Continue reading

I watched “Money Talks.” Now I need to steam clean my brain.

Dudes, I sorta feel like I’m never going to be clean again. I watched “Money Talks” last night and now I’ve got residual douche vibes all up in my everywhere — mostly in… Continue reading

MBTI time.

Because it’s all about me here: I’m not sure what it is about my “personality type” that loves taking personality tests, but I flippin’ love ‘em. Never met a “tell-me-about-myself” quiz I didn’t… Continue reading

“The English Teacher.” Brilliantly off-kilter, or really, really…..lame?

When you’re ALLLLLLL caught up with your Netflix TV binge-watching and lamenting the empty feeling rather like your fake TV character friends have all gone back home and left you in your quiet… Continue reading

Celebrity dream log: playing in my own alternate ending to “Homeland.”

My repertoire of ooky awesome celebrity dreams goes back almost 20 years. I was just a grade school kid when I dreamed my parents sold me to Nick Nolte (“he’ll be able to… Continue reading

Is “love your body” messaging actually reinforcing objectification culture?

I’m about to be a complete Friday morning Body Love Buzz Kill (but I promise, it’s actually in the name of advancing gender equity- !!!) I know, it’s not as warm n’ fuzzy-feelin’… Continue reading

(I listened to Miley’s “Bangerz” and my ears didn’t even bleed)

One sentence review: an alien harvested Rihanna’s and Nicki Minaj’s genes and created a hybrid alien-pop-monster. Really, that’s all you need to know. Her producers also kidnapped Britney, Nelly, Ludacris, Future, and Big… Continue reading

Back! Because, you know: MILEY.

There are so many directions I could take This.  Actually, the entire internet is discovering there are so many directions to take This (“This,” being Miley’s 2013 VMA performance), but after half of… Continue reading